about center

The Libyan Center for International Commercial Arbitration has been created to meet important and vital needs, local, Arab and international developments have emerged, particularly in the light of globalization, which has had a significant impact on commercial traffic and Investments.

Given the requirements of commercial traffic that the speed of the verdict and to decide disputes that may arise, to avoid damage to investors and disruption of their interests, it was necessary to find a neutral and effective mechanism for the settlement of disputes. Commercial litigation, it was not there to be only arbitration commercial remedy, especially as most business investment agreements. He affirmed the need to be activated in case of dispute.

The Center has taken on the task of educating lawyers and legal experts on the local rules of international arbitration, through conferences, seminars and training courses organized, thus publishing publications, and documents Arbitration and innovations on the Arab and international arenas.

The center preserves the preparation of the Libyan and Arab arbitrators, qualified intellectual property experts, and upgrade their skills and advance their professional paths, and present arbitration procedures and rules, and how to resolve conflicts Of a good judgment of arbitration, and to integrate them in the cases of arbitration. As the center works to inform the parties to the dispute the advantages of arbitration and its role in resolving disputes.

The center resolves domestic and international commercial disputes, through alternative dispute resolution methods such as conciliation, mediation and arbitration,The Libyan Center for International Commercial Arbitration is also keen to keep abreast of developments in the area of arbitration and is also interested in various areas that are the subject of national or international arbitration disputes, Operations, commercial banking and commercial paper contracts, international investment and oil contracts, e-commerce and technology transactions, and the financing and transfer of Which encourages the Libyan State to take the necessary and essential steps to draft legal and legislative rules relating to arbitration and to identify the means and mechanisms necessary for the approved settlement that may arise in the international difficulties of trade agreements,

The center consists of a group of specialist teachers in the field of conciliation, mediation, arbitration and international trade, who have experience in dispute resolution, in cooperation with Arab, regional and international arbitration centers.